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The University of Chicago is dedicated to fostering a diverse and inclusive campus community. In 2016, the University conducted a climate survey and convened the Diversity Advisory Council, to advise senior leadership and report on broad issues related to campus climate.
In October 2017, UChicago launched the Diversity & Inclusion Initiative, a broad institutional plan designed to actively engage all members of the campus community in activities that will help the University thrive as it becomes more diverse and inclusive. We are currently pursuing four key strategies:
  • Creating an infrastructure to support diversity and inclusion
  • Fostering a climate that is inclusive of everyone on campus
  • Developing and supporting the people who comprise our University
  • Engaging in our community
By listening closely to the members of our campus community, we continue building upon existing frameworks and creating new opportunities for engagement. These activities are constantly being reassessed to determine their success and to help identify new opportunities for improvement over time, with the ultimate goal being to create a community that values free expression and upholds the core values that UChicago was founded on.
Learn more about how to become involved with diversity and inclusion efforts across campus.