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Graduate education is integral to the University of Chicago's purpose and has been since its founding. The goal of the University, as explained by President William Rainey Harper, was “to make the work of investigation primary.” This commitment to rigorous inquiry has guided the development of PhD programs over the nearly 130 years of the University’s history, programs which have contributed immeasurably to the University’s eminence.
Graduate students are a critical part of our intellectual community, and we work in collaboration with them and with faculty to ensure our PhD programs continue to be a source of pride and distinction.
UChicagoGRAD offers an integrated suite of resources and services that complement those housed in the academic divisions and professional schools to help graduate students and postdocs navigate their academic and professional careers. Through UChicagoGRAD advising, events, and workshops, graduate students and postdocs learn to leverage the flexible training that is a hallmark of UChicago graduate education.
The University provides data about admissions, enrollment, degree completion, and career outcomes for PhD programs.
In response to the Report of the Committee on Graduate Education, the Provost charged three groups composed of graduate students, faculty and staff to conduct further analysis and make recommendations in the areas of housing and transportation, grievance policies and procedures, and graduate student space.