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Moving Dialogs: Culture in Motion features unique collaborations between Chicago-area dance companies and cultural institutions to explore what interpretive dance can add to the tangible objects and experiences in museums.  
Choreographers from each of three dance companies will partner with curators from three partnering museums to learn about the museum’s collections and heritage, seeking inspiration from tangible objects housed in the museum to create a dance that illuminates those objects and the cultural heritage they represent. Through Moving Dialogs: Culture in Motion, the choreographers and curators learn together and create a unique performance piece based around the cultural objects and their unique histories. The curator, choreographer, and a moderator will talk about their creative process, with attendees getting a chance to dialog with the speakers and learn more about what went into their decision making and the art they’ve created.
Through Moving Dialogs, we’ll be working to understand the surprising and exciting ways that dance could activate the objects and culture contained within the partnering museums. By partnering with the three museums, we hope to gain insight into how a dance-driven creative interpretation could be successful in the future by implementing what we learn at each museum site.
Moving Dialogs: Culture in Motion is made possible by funding from the Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation, the Chicago Seminar on Dance and Performance,  and The Joyce Foundation.
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