Dancers, using handheld tools and legacy processes, explore the relationship between mind, body and tool.

Still Inspired (?) is a dance performance showcasing the inspirations of multiple independent dance and visual artists.

It's not deep. it's cheap!

We spent a whole bunch of money on college. We graduated college. We dance around. We know things. We are doing things.
Come watch our dances.

Cherry​​​​​ Orchard​​​​​ Festival​, ​​​​​ ​​​​​presents ​​​​​the​​​​​ Chicago ​​​​​premiere​​​​​ of ​the ​​​​​critically-acclaimed​​​​​ play “Brodsky/Baryshnikov,”​​​conceived ​​​and directed ​​​by​​​ Alvis ​​​Hermanis and starring​​​ Mikhail​​​​ Baryshnikov​​​​ at ​​​​​the ​​​​​Harris​​​ Theater