Move your BODY Reggae class at ARC with Ms. Mighty

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Event Description
Move Your BODY is an authentic Reggae dance class for Beginner's and Reggae lovers alike. Led by Ms. Mighty, who brings together her cultural roots and professional experiences into a fun class environment. Participants are taken through the nuances of different genres of Reggae movement. Everyone in the room gets to walk away with an emboldened sense of Confidence, Presence, Fitness, Expression, Healing, Camaraderie, and Self-Awareness.
Move Your BODY dance class focuses on:
  • Fundamental Movements, Forms, and Techniques of Reggae
  • Contemporary Dance Moves
  • Connecting to the Music & History of Reggae
Running Time
1 hour
Dance Styles
Traditional/Indigenous Dance


American Rhythm Center

410 S. Michigan Ave. 3rd Floor
Chicago, IL 60605
(312) 922-1272