BeMoved® with Mari Jo Irbe Barker

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In BeMoved®, teachers are passionate about sharing the joy of dance with people of all movement abilities. We believe that movement expressed through dance and music has a transformative power that enriches a person's wellbeing above and beyond the well-known physical fitness benefits. The Warm-Up infuses breath and movement through choreographed, artistic sequences that activate core strength and balance while improving flexibility and coordination. The Genre section of class uses continuous, engaging dance combinations to inspire anyone from first-time dancers to professionals. Finally, the Cool Down brings your workout full circle, leaving you balanced in mind, body and soul - feeling rejuvenated. For more information, check out

Take the class in-person in our Studio 1 (Thursday) or Studio 2 (Saturday)

Upcoming Genres:
March 2nd, 4th – Soul Town Funk
March 2nd, 4th – Disco
March 9th, 11th – Soul Town Funk
March 16th, 18th – Latin Rhythms
March 23rd, 25th – Stylized 60's
March 30th, April 1st – Pump Up the 80's
Running Time
1 hour
Dance Styles
Ballroom / Social Dance
Multi-Ability / Physically Integrated
Musical Theater


Ruth Page Center for the Arts

1016 N. Dearborn Parkway
Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 337-6543