Khecari presents MARGINALIA

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MARGINALIA is two female bodies enmeshed in intimate impetuosity, demarginalizing themselves in theatrical space.


Seemingly instinctive, it's alive with the drama of inwardness...Restless, inventive…Khecari, one of Chicago’s most innovative dance groups.” 

“Thoughtful, beautifully crafted… a radical experiment in theater”

- The Chicago Tribune


Just lovely movement” - WBEZ


MARGINALIA is two female bodies, intimate, impetuous. A scribbled commentary on the official text of subjectification and objectification, sexualization and desexualization, demonization and domestication. Two women lift, work, sweat, and touch. Claiming the nuanced complexity of female rapport. Things that happen every day. Tiny revolts, unseen, unrecorded. Or a revolt upheld and enlarged by each witness.

MARGINALIA is committed to somatic equality. Valuing the impulses of cells and fluids as highly as the nervous system. Putting the human creature on equal footing with the socialized person. An experiential metaphor. If we would have equity between all elements of society can we start with equally valuing all aspects of the body?


The scrawl of marginalia 

Centralize the marginal

The body inherently political

Women’s bodies a political battleground

A body is not a battleground

A body is a person



Choreography - Julia Antonick & Jonathan Meyer

Dance Performance - Amanda Maraist & Kara Brody

Music Composition - Joe St.Charles

Violin - Beltran DelCampo

Costume Design - Jeff Hancock

Lighting Design - Jonathan Meyer

Stage Management and Documentation - Luke Virgilio

Operations Management - Cristina Tadeo

Marketing - Amanda Maraist

Understudy - Chih-Hsien (Joan) Lin



Photo of Kara Brody and Amanda Maraist by Chien-An Yuan

Running Time
1 hour 10 minutes


Links Hall

3111 N. Western Ave. at Constellation
Chicago, IL 60618
(773) 281-0824