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Online Event
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A new dance film from Lawson Dance Theatre


A note from the Director:

The concept for this film was originally inspired by the song "Rescue" by Lauren Daigle. My father sent me the song during a time I gravely needed to be rescued from a panic stricken stage brought on by recent and tragic trauma.

I believe more than ever that we all need to be rescued. We need to be rescued from what they say is the new normal. We need to be rescued from the disease. We need to be rescued from the violence. We need to be rescuing one another and standing be each other.

This project began early June and by mid June, the concept for the film began to evolve. Resilience is not what we see and know. RESILIENCE: able to withstand or recover from difficult situation; able to spring back into shape after being compressed.

We are able. I thank you for standing strong and steadfast in these tough times. May this film allow mindfulness of who in your life needs to be rescued. What can you do to be resilient and stand beside them?

Wishing you all well,

Tiffany Lawson

Running Time
7 minutes
Dance Styles
Modern / Contemporary