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See Chicago Dance is excited to announce a new fiscal sponsorship opportunity with Pentacle, a not-for-profit infrastructure support organization for small and mid-sized companies and project-based artists in Chicago’s dance and theater companies. Pentacle’s Fiscal services are part of their commitment to performing artists—With programs that fit every size and business type, empowering artists with the tools they need for success.

As a See Chicago Dance member, you receive the following benefits:

  • Automatic membership to Pentacle's basic sponsorship program, Unique projects, with no annual membership fee!

  • The opportunity to join Pentacle's Unique plus, a fiscal sponsorship and bookkeeping service at a discounted rate of $500 off the annual fee!


Unique projects
Unique projects is a basic sponsorship program which gives artists the ability to receive tax deductible donations and eligibility to apply and receive foundation grants. Artists work with a dedicated administrator to clearly, reliably, and efficiently process their donations and send acknowledgments on their behalf. This service is ideal for emerging or established artists with project-specific fundraising needs. An administrative fiscal sponsorship fee will be applied to all incoming donations/grants received by Unique projects on the artists' behalf - 5.5% fee for unincorporated artists and 7.5% fee for incorporated artists

Unique plus
Unique plus is a fiscal sponsorship and bookkeeping service. This program is ideal for individual artists, or organizations who are looking to build their business structure and financial foundation, as well as receive tax deductible donations and eligibility to apply and receive grants. Participating artists work one-on-one with a designated Pentacle administrator who will record all of the financial transactions for their project. An administrative fiscal sponsorship fee of  3% will be applied to incoming donations/grants that are received through Unique Plus on the artists’ behalf. Bookkeeping fees are based on income, starting at $1000/year.

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Interested in applying? Complete the Fiscal Sponsorship Interview Form

For more information on Pentacle’s fiscal services and programs, please visit
Kimberly Marcotte, Unique and Unique plus Administrator –
Alex Goleman, Director of Fiscal Services –