Afro-Cuban class at ARC with Markeya "Olokunsmoon" Howard

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Dec 11, 7:15pm
Dec 18, 7:15pm
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Afro-Cuban dances is born from a fertile mixture of African rhythms and percussion from slaves of West Africa and the Congo basin. Giving us dances such as Palo, Yuka, Orisha and Abakuá, as well as secular forms such as Rumba and Son.

With 20 years of West African & Caribbean dance experience, Markeya's Afro-Cuban dance class is a blend of hypnotic rhythms and high energy African movements. She teaches you techniques and terminology behind Afro-Cuban dances that will improve your strength, agility, and balance. Take a trip to Cuba via the dance floor. Guarantee you won't wanna leave!

Running Time
1 hour
Dance Styles
Traditional/Indigenous Dance
West African


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