mission & vision


See Chicago Dance is a nonprofit service organization with the mission to advocate for the dance field and strengthen a diverse range of dance organizations and artists through services and programs that build and engage audiences. Our two-pronged approach focuses on building audiences while developing a more cohesive dance community.


To fearlessly inspire an ever-growing inclusive community to share in and spread the power of dance in Chicago.



We are a community-focused organization that offers a wide variety of programming and support to dance companies of all sizes, dance styles, and points of view. In addition, See Chicago Dance strives to provide equitable access to dance experiences for Chicago audiences that is inclusive and welcoming to everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, geography, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status.


Originally born as the website SeeChicagoDance.com, we sprang forth as part of a multiyear market research study on how to strengthen the dance sector and build larger dance audiences, funded by the Chicago Community Trust in 2003. SeeChicagoDance.com quickly proved to be a valuable asset for patrons and artists alike. It was clear that this resource needed to continue beyond the duration of the CCT grant. So, in 2006, marketing professionals Carol Fox and Niki Morrison created a supporting service organization to ensure that vital audience development services would continue for the Chicago dance field. Carol and Niki gave the organization the broad name of “Audience Architects,” as the original intent was to provide services to additional art forms such as theater and music. However, as time passed, the organization continued to focus on the art form of dance, in part because dance had some of the greatest audience development needs.
In spring of 2018, as part of a five-year strategic plan, Audience Architects changed its name to See Chicago Dance to streamline and strengthen our position across all consumer markets. Accompanying the evolution of our organizational brand identity was a refreshed and expanded website serving both artists and patrons. With this development, the name of the organization now matches and melds with our high-traffic website, creating a platform that has value for audiences and dance artists alike.

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