See Chicago Dance remains committed to FREE MEMBERSHIPS for the Chicago Dance Community!

Thanks to generous funding from Grand Stage, See Chicago Dance has been able to waive all membership fees and remains committed to no-fee memberships for the members of the Chicago Dance Community! There's never been a better time to become a See Chicago Dance Member!


Complete your membership in ONE easy step:
Complete the online membership survey HERE and let us know how we can best serve your artistic work!


Do you like discounts and paid performance opportunities? We do too.

And want to know what we really love? Offering you the exclusive opportunities and special member offers that will help your artistry and company thrive. We make promotional opportunities and paid performance events available to all members, with the cost of all paid promotions customized and scaled to your budget size.

Becoming a member of See Chicago Dance opens up a wealth of exclusive opportunities for dance artists and companies: Members get affordable advertising, free consulting, sponsored performances, exclusive discounts, insider offers, and MORE. Benefits serve you through all stages of your process, from connecting you to like-minded artists, to promoting your show and selling tickets. We’re always working to improve our membership program, which means new perks are added throughout the year.

Membership is open to individual artists, dance companies, venues, and presenters of all sizes and styles. 

We also collect basic organizational information from our members to gather valuable statistics for Chicago’s dance sector. This data helps us understand the dance industry’s economic impact. The insight that our members share with us is invaluable when it comes to advocating for dance and the arts, both in our city and on the national level. 

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“We love SeeChicagoDance because they're doing what no one else is: they're bringing the dance community together and they're providing a platform for our continued growth as a field."

-Winifred Haun, Artistic Director, Winifred Haun & Dancers

Find a Full List of our 2024 Members HERE.


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